David Walliams Awful Auntie's Wonderfully Witty Word Games

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If you're looking for an entertaining way for your kids to sharpen their spelling skills, Awful Auntie's Wonderfully Witty Word Game is the perfect fit! Whether they're playing Word Chase or Spelling Bee, they'll be sure to have fun whilst improving their literacy. Each game draws from the government's recommended words for Key Stage 1 and 2 Spellings, so your kids can understand the nuances of the English language through the power of play. And all it takes is some paper and a pen to keep track of scores. Get ready for some unforgettable family-friendly bonding time (and maybe even a mini spelling bee competition) with Awful Auntie's Wonderfully Witty Word Game!

Excellent for children in Key Stages 1 and 2



You should shuffle all 100 letter cards and deal out 7 cards to each player. Each player places their 7 cards face up on the table in front of them. The rest of the shuffled pack is put in the middle of the table in a pile and the dealer turns up the top card (face up) on the table. The player on the dealer's left starts. This person needs to make a word that is at least 3 letters long, using only the letters on their 7 cards in front of them and using the letter in the middle of the table. If, for example, there is an 'N' in the middle of the table, the player can lay down an 'A', an 'I' and an 'L' to make NAIL. They would then score the points on these cards, so in this instance 8 points. They can of course use the word list provided for inspiration and assistance. The player then replaces the 3 cards they have played, with 3 cards from the middle deck.


The next player then takes their turn to add their word from their cards in front of them. This player must use at least one letter from a word on the table to link their new word. For example, if the first player put down 'NAIL' then the second player could add an 'E' and a 'G' after the 'L' to make 'LEG' scoring 22 points. If any players cannot think of a word to play then they pick up a new letter card form the middle deck and their turn is over. The game ends when all the cards run out and the person with the highest score wins!

Crossword Race

This is the same as the crossword game above but when you work our a word that you can put down, you can put it down straight away instead of waiting for your next go. This makes the competitive.

Crossword Lap

The same as the crossword game but you can put letters on top of other letters, for example, if the word placed is 'side' you could place an 'H' on top of the 'S' to make 'hide'.

7 more wonderfully exciting games included in the box.

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