ebebek - more than a baby store

Alongside our primary goal of supporting families, we have broadened our vision and mission in the United Kingdom. Here, you can discover all the essentials for both mums and babies under one roof. With our mission to expand internationally and thrive in the United Kingdom, we are on track to becoming a global retailer. From the outset, our Babyology philosophy and commitment to sustainability have been central to our mission.

ebebek's Philosophy

Babyology, which is the basis of our philosophy and business model, guides mothers and fathers in every step of their baby-raising journey. In other words, Babyology is the science of understanding and representing babies.

Along with this philosophy, we have reidentified all our definitions. We have removed the word ‘customer’ from our vocabulary and replaced it with ‘Barent’ – someone who accompanies the baby’s development and looks after the baby by learning. On the other hand, ebebek's employees are not just sales associates, they are ‘Babyologists’, which refers to ebebek employees who are interested in and knowledgeable about babies and Barents’ needs, and willing to share their knowledge with Barents.

What do we do at ebebek?

We aim to meet all needs of Barents and babies from the prenatal period up to the age of four with:
● top-tier products,
● friendly staff,
● high-quality service standards,
● affordable prices,
● expert knowledge and post-shopping support.

We attach great importance to fast and high-quality services and value team spirit as our key to achieving our aims.

Breast Milk - A single drop, countless benefits

Studies have revealed that insufficient nourishment causes 45% of infant mortality and thus, it is known that increasing breastfeeding and raising awareness among mothers could save the lives of 820,000 children each year. In light of this outcome, we especially care about breast milk and breastfeeding, and put in effort for babies to consume breast milk as much as possible with our motto ‘A single drop, countless benefits’.

In essence, as ebebek, we aim to raise awareness and consciousness among Barents about breastfeeding and breast milk. We will continue to do our diligence, designing different projects to be always there for them and to present our complete support.

To Embrace Sustainability

● We take care to promote the efficient use of community resources and avoid
● We ensure that our products and services do not have a negative impact on the environment.
● We carry out various projects to raise awareness about recycling and reducing
plastic waste.