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Who we are

ebebek, More Than Just a Baby Store...

We offer worldwide online services via e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, and Yandex.
With our vision “2030 − 6 Continents”, we are en route to becoming a universal retailer.
Our babyology philosophy and sustainability are at the heart of our mission.

What we do

At ebebek, we aim to meet all needs of mother and baby from the prenatal period up to the age of four, with:

  • high-quality products,
  • friendly staff,
  • high-quality service standards,
  • affordable prices,
  • expert knowledge and post-shopping support

We care about providing fast and high-quality services and value team spirit as key.
We have created procedures for all our important business processes and apply them accordingly.

ebebek's philosophy

Babyology – the science and understanding of babies – is central to ebebek’s philosophy and business model. At ebebek, we speak about the “Barents”, all caregivers who want the best for their baby, thoroughly research what to buy, and care for their little one in the best and most loving way possible. ebebek's employees are not just sales associates, but rather well-trained “Babyologists”, who have extensive knowledge about baby care, mom’s needs and how to communicate this to the “Barents”.

For a Sustainable World

  • We care about the efficient use of community resources and avoid waste.
  • We take care that our products and services do not adversely affect the environment.
  • We carry out various projects to raise awareness about recycling and reducing plastic waste.