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Baby Cushions in ebebek

Among the various types of baby pillows, nursing pillows that assist you from the moment your baby is born are some of the most important.

A baby cushion, or a nursing pillow, provides ideal support for mothers to comfortably hold their babies on their laps during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, promoting a comfortable posture for the baby and the mother. Nursing pillows provide the baby with the proper support, helping them to position themselves correctly and naturally during the feeding.

As your baby grows, you won't need nursing support pillows anymore, but you can always ensure their sleep comfort in the healthiest way possible with pillows that are the right size for your baby and child.

You can look at baby and toddler pillows at ebebek to find the perfect support for your baby starting from their first days.

Nursing Pillows

Since babies are frequently nursed from the moment they are born, and this process can be challenging for mothers, using supportive nursing pillows can be very comforting for the mother and the baby. Nursing pillows are crescent-shaped and can adapt to the mother’s body. You can comfortably rest your arms on it and carry your baby with ease while you breastfeed or bottlefeed them. Of course, fathers can also use the nursing pillow while bottle-feeding their baby or spending playtime together. Chicco nursing pillow is one of the best choices for comforting you and your baby with its special padding and middle insert.

It is essential to use a support pillow for your baby's spinal health and overall comfort during breastfeeding. This will also help prevent strain on your arms, shoulders, and neck.

Nursing pillows are also perfect for comfortably supporting your baby in the back position (at 2 months) or the sitting position (at 6 months). You can also use the nursing pillow to assist your baby during tummy time (at 4 months).

Sleeping Pods for Babies

Baby nests and baby pods are mattresses with padded sides for infants. They provide a comfortable and cosy sleep and play area for your little one during the day. A baby sleep pod is usually lightweight and portable.

What you need to pay attention to when buying a baby nest pillow is whether it is compatible with the size of your baby. Your baby may be very uncomfortable in a sleep pod that is too tight for them. Sleeping pods allow for swaddling babies comfortably while leaving enough space for them to move their legs and arms. They are like cocoons where your little one can feel safe and warm during nap time.

Soft And Comfortable Toddler Pillows

Pillows, along with loose baby blankets or stuffed toys, may cause a suffocation risk for babies. This is why experts recommend that it is better for babies to sleep in a crib with nothing inside except for a fitted crib sheet until they are at least 1 year old. Typically, toddlers progressing as expected can start using a pillow at around 2 years of age. You can wait until your child begins sleeping in a toddler bed or a larger bed before introducing a pillow.

A toddler pillow, available at ebebek, is a small, preferably flat and firm pillow that is not too large or soft for your little one's comfort. At ebebek, you can discover a variety of baby and toddler pillow models in the baby room textile category. Elevate your baby's sleep comfort by selecting from the high-quality bedding products we provide.