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Newborn Hospital Packs

What a magical journey to plan the needs and prepare essentials for your baby before the birth. You may look at some newborn hospital checklists to ensure you get everything. They can be helpful reminders in the exciting last days before 'the day'. At ebebek, we offer a variety of newborn hospital packs that include the essential first outfit necessities for a newborn. You can check out our various fun and cute newborn starter sets and decide on the outfit your baby will wear when saying hello to the world.

 Baby Hospital Checklist

From the moment you know your baby's approximate due date, you want to make sure all preparations are complete. It's best to prepare and keep aside the bag you'll take to the hospital in advance. We recommend completing it before the 36th week. Over the days, you can calmly add missing items and ensure you have everything. You can make a hospital checklist for you and your partner to ensure everything is complete days ago. It’s beneficial to prepare a bag containing only the baby's essentials and the bag for the items you and your partner will need, such as chargers, hospital paperwork, a camera, cosmetics, comfortable clothes and slippers.

A newborn hospital packing list includes the first needs of your baby. Although the hospital can provide products for your baby's immediate needs after birth, here are the essentials you may have in your hospital bag: Nursing pillow, blanket, diapers, burp cloths, baby wipes, baby cream, clothes, hat, socks and mittens. Besides the hospital bag, the baby car seat is one of the most important things to prepare before childbirth. You will need a car seat suitable for newborns, and ensure that it’s well-padded and can be installed in a rear-facing position. A car seat, which can also be used as a baby carrier, helps you take your baby out of the car without disturbing them.

Practical Newborn Clothing Sets

A newborn's basic clothing needs are more or less clear, depending on the season and weather conditions in which they were born. Newborn clothing sets, available at ebebek, are very practical as they include the essential pieces for your little one from their first day. These sets may comprise 3 to 10 items, such as hats, mittens, towelling bibs, and bodysuits.  At ebebek, you can find high-quality newborn sets of 100% cotton fabric suitable for your newborn baby’s delicate skin. Starter sets ensure you have all the essential pieces to keep your baby warm and cosy from their first moments. Little hats, mittens, footed pants, and bodysuits protect your little one from the cold and safeguard their sensitive skin. When you begin feeding your baby, it's essential to have cotton burp cloths to absorb any secretions and keep their clothes and skin clean. Newborn clothing sets include all the necessary items you will need, so you don’t have to think about each one individually.

Perfect Newborn Clothing Gift Sets

You may be excitedly waiting to hold your baby in your arms or sharing the excitement of a mother-to-be. Newborn clothing gift sets are perfect gifts to offer to your pregnant friend or relative, as they will need almost of these items. Since babies do not do much other than eating, diapering and sleeping when they are born, newborn sets will meet the needs of new moms. You can browse our website for our newborn hospital packs to find the best fit that suits your needs.