Follow on Milk (+6m)

As parents, we want to make the best decisions for our children, particularly when it comes to nutrition. When your baby reaches the age of six months, it is an exciting time because you can start introducing new flavors and sensations to them. Along with solid foods, you should consider adding follow-up milk to their diet.We'll look at follow-on milk, its advantages, and how it may help your baby grow and develop. Follow-on milk, also known as stage 2 or + 6m milk, is a specifically manufactured milk product for infants six months of age and older. It is meant to supplement the introduction of solid meals while also providing critical nutrients to support your baby's nutritional needs during this period of fast growth.

Different Follow on Milk(+6m) products

Follow on Milk: As previously said, follow-on milk is a specifically made milk product developed for infants six months and older. It is designed to supplement the introduction of solid meals while also providing critical nutrients to your growing infant. 

Cow and Gate Follow On Milk: Cow and Gate is a company that makes follow-on milk. Cow and Gate follow on milk is designed to meet your baby's nutritional demands while he or she transitions to solid meals.

Aptamil Follow On Milk: Aptamil is yet another well-known brand that sells follow-on milk. Aptamil's follow-on milk is designed to fulfill your baby's growing nutritional demands as they go beyond their first six months. It includes a combination of nutrients that aid in their growth

Follow On Milk Powder: The powdered version of follow-on milk is known as follow-on milk powder. It is usually sold in cans or containers and must be combined with water according to the directions. Follow-on milk powder is practical and simple to use, ensuring that your baby gets the nutrients he or she requires.

SMA Follow On Milk: SMA (Sequential Multiple Analysis) is a brand that also sells follow-on milk. SMA follow on milk is designed to give necessary nutrients while also promoting your baby's growth and development. As solid meals are introduced, it is intended to supplement a diverse weaning diet.

How to use Follow on Milk (+6m)

Here are some general tips to follow while using follow-on milk (+6m) for your baby:

Consult a healthcare professional: It is always a good idea to contact your healthcare expert before introducing follow-on milk or making other adjustments to your baby's diet. They can offer tailored recommendations based on your baby's individual requirements.

Select a recognized brand: Choose a reputable brand of follow-up milk that satisfies all regulatory requirements and has a solid reputation. Read reviews and take advice from other parents or healthcare experts.

Sterilize feeding equipment: Before producing the follow-on milk, make sure that all feeding equipment, including bottles, nipples, and lids, has been thoroughly sanitized. This promotes cleanliness and lowers the chance of illness.

Boil water: Use freshly boiled water that has been allowed to cool to a lukewarm temperature (about 37°C or 98.6°F). This temperature guarantees that your infant may safely swallow the milk.

Measure the water: Follow the brand's directions to find the right amount of water needed. Typically, the measured water is poured into a sterile bottle.

Add follow-on milk powder: Using the included scoop, add the correct amount of powder to the water in the bottle. Use the exact amount of scoops mentioned in the recipe.

Close the container tightly with the nipple and ring and gently shake it until the powder is completely dissolved and blended with the water. 

Check the temperature of the leftover milk by dabbing a few drops on the inside of your wrist. To guarantee your baby's comfort, it should be lukewarm, not hot or cold.

Feed your baby: Place your infant in a comfortable feeding posture and use the bottle to slowly administer the prepared follow-on milk.