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Guards & Locks

Your baby starts to crawl approximately after the first 6-8 months, and since they will move from one place to another in the house, it is time to take precautions for their safety. One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to baby-proof the materials, furniture, and, in fact, all items we use at home.

In addition to not leaving things lying around that we do not want our children to have access to, we can use many safety products to protect them. In our home safety category, you can find baby safety lock products that you can place on doors, cabinet doors, windows or drawers to make them baby-proof.

Baby Guards and Safety Locks

Baby safety products are designed and produced by considering the possible dangers our children may cause to themselves by trying to open doors, cabinets, or drawers. They are designed to help prevent them from getting at any dangerous things or contents. As children are extremely curious about exploring and touching everything around them, it is best to take some precautions.  

There are many baby guards and baby locks at ebebek, and each is manufactured to suit different furniture models. Examining their installation method allows you to find a safety lock suitable for your furniture easily. Magnetic structures or adhesive pads allow easy and practical use without damaging furniture.

You can stop your baby from opening drawers by babyproofing your drawers with magnetic drawer locks or buttoned drawer locks, available at ebebek. This way, you can avoid the possibility of self-hurting their hands or reaching for risky materials such as kitchenware.

Softness with Corner Cushions

When your baby crawls and starts to stand up, the sharp corners of house furniture become very dangerous. You can keep your baby safe while crawling or walking around the house by using corner cushions to pad the sharp corners of tables, coffee tables, desks, or other furniture. Thanks to their soft material and adhesive pads, they can be fitted to any corner. Because your baby will initially try to stand up and walk by holding on to everywhere, it is important to ensure a safe environment to encourage them by avoiding any injuries.

Safety with Door Stops & Pinch Guards

Living with an enthusiastic and curious toddler brings plenty of joy and activity to your life, and you can’t help but take precautions in every area of the house. Your toddler will want to follow you everywhere around the house and make discoveries independently. To avoid nasty surprises, paying attention to doors and windows is essential. Door stops and pinch guards are beneficial to prevent injuries caused by door slamming. Window locks are crucial, and it is recommended to be applied to all the windows in the house.

As children love to pull and push everything, they will also take their chances with cabinet doors, which may be dangerous. To prevent accidents, you can use a cabinet door lock to fix them. There are cabinet door safety locks for single or double-door cupboards and fridges. You can choose the models with a magnet key so it will be invisible from the outside.

Plug sockets are also interesting for the kids with their tiny holes. We recommend you use socket covers to avoid any harm your little one may cause themselves due to their curiosity.

ebebek offers a wide range of home safety products to make your daily home life with your baby more manageable and safer.