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Newborn Mittens

Mittens are essential clothing pieces for newborns, serving various functions. They prevent babies' small yet sharp nails from accidentally scratching their delicate skin. Additionally, they help keep babies' hands warm, which may feel cooler than the rest of their bodies. They are included in every newborn set as babies need them from the very first day, enveloping their tiny hands like a pouch to ensure safety. Newborn scratch mittens can also be great gifts. Various colours and patterns of mittens, in combination with babies’ sleepsuits, create an adorable, comfy outfit for little ones. At ebebek, you can find various newborn mittens offered in newborn sets or separately. High-quality fabric newborn clothing products from expert brands await you on our website.

Comfort And Safety With Newborn Scratch Mittens

When your baby is still small, you can avoid cutting their nails too frequently because their skin is very sensitive. Organic cotton mittens serve a dual purpose: keeping your little one's hands comfortably warm, safeguarding delicate skin from the sharpness of newborn nails and knowing that your baby is safe, whether asleep or awake, brings peace of mind to you. Babies' hands tend to get cold at night as they are less active while sleeping. This natural decrease in movement results in reduced blood flow to their hands and feet, causing them to feel cooler compared to the rest of their body. Newborn mittens help keep your baby's hands warm during sleep. You can check to ensure the mittens stay securely in place while your baby is sleeping. Newborn mittens are also good choices as baby shower gifts. You can find beautiful mittens for newborns in different colours or sets with several pieces in a single colour.  

Beautiful Mittens For Newborns

 Babies begin to explore with their hands around 3 months old. They have a natural need to touch and feel their surroundings for better exploration. Scratch mittens for newborn babies, available at ebebek, can be used at this stage, as they help keep your little one safe. You can explore our stylish and fashionable baby mittens on our website, featuring various colours and patterns that will complement your baby’s clothes. You can opt for hat and mittens sets to create a cohesive outfit for your newborn. Lovely patterns on their head and hands will add extra cuteness to your baby.

Fashionable Mittens For Newborns

At ebebek, we aim to offer high-quality baby- and kid-friendly products of expert brands for your little one’s safety and health. We are trying to bring together the most fashionable and stylish products with quality ingredients that do not harm your child's health. We pay extra attention to the quality of newborn baby products to ensure peace of mind for expectant mothers. Newborn mittens, like other newborn clothes on our website, are made from 100% organic cotton fabric, providing a sensation of a second skin on your baby’s hands. You can include mittens in your hospital pack, allowing you to put them on your baby's hands from birth. Explore our newborn clothing category for a wide range of products that will meet all your needs throughout your parenting journey, starting from the very first day.