Hand Wash & Sanitisers

One of the most sensitive jobs for parents is to ensure the best hygiene conditions for their little ones and prevent them from catching infections. From the moment babies start crawling, their contact with all kinds of surfaces increases, which is even more the case for toddlers. To explore the world and their environment, they often try to touch everything to perceive textures and bring their hands to their mouths. They usually drop their soother, bottle, or toys on the floor. Accordingly, parents start having significant hygiene concerns.

The situation is a little more complicated for parents with children attending nursery or school. ebebek comes to your help with all kinds of hygiene products for your baby and child with the hand wash & sanitisers category. Our sanitising products help you clean all surfaces and your little one’s hands within seconds. You can ensure your little one’s hygiene at home,  school, or outside.

Sanitisers for Kids

The skin of babies and children is more sensitive than ours. Since they are still thin and soft, they are much more affected by harmful substances. So, when it comes to sanitisers for kids, it is best to choose products with no alcohol, toxic chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. At ebebek, you can find kids hand wash with no chemical components. Sanitising water helps sanitise your baby’s belongings, like pacifiers, bottles, or toys. You can also use it directly on their skin by simply spraying it on their hands.

You can easily use an alcohol- and fragrance-free kids sanitiser as it doesn’t need to be rinsed or wiped. You can put a small dap on your child’s hand and supervise them while rubbing the product until their hands are completely dry.

Sanitisers in travel-sized pouches and bottles are the best choices for on-the-go parents. They can be refilled and are practical to carry in your baby’s nappy bag or your kid’s school bag.

What Should You Consider When Buying Sanitisers?

You can safely use our baby and toddler sanitiser products. We are extremely sensitive about the ingredients of our products. When choosing a sanitiser for your kid, you may consider choosing:

Products with alcohol- and fragrance-free ingredients,

Products suitable for food contact,

Clinically tested, non-irritating, hypoallergenic products,

Products with natural ingredients derived from natural acids,

Eco-friendly products with no harm to you and nature,

Products with reliable and easy-to-use packaging.

How to Use Sanitisers for Children?

Hand hygiene is vital for a kid’s overall health as they touch many different surfaces during the day while playing or simply discovering at home, at school or outdoors. As parents, we are responsible for teaching our kids to care for their health, starting with their daily hygiene. You can help your kids learn how and when to use their sanitiser at school. They can simply put a small blob of sanitiser into their palm and rub their hands front and back and between their fingers until their hands are completely dry.

Sanitisers can be used safely in all children's areas, like surfaces they are in contact with while eating and playing at home and school. For the babies, you can also use them on surfaces they are in contact with and on their pacifiers, toys, or highchairs.

You can easily find the most reliable and effective alternatives of sanitisers at ebebek. Browse the hand wash and sanitisers category on our website, and you will find the perfect product for your child’s daily hygiene.