Baby Bathtubs

A bathtub is a fixture designed for bathing or immersion in water. Bathtub materials include acrylic, fibreglass, cast iron and natural stone, each with its own characteristics, such as durability, aesthetics and care requirements.

Types of bathtubs

Baby bathtubs: Baby bathtubs are little tubs planned to securely bathe newborns and newborn children. They are usually lightweight and versatile, making them simple to preserve and clean.

Nuby bathtubs: Nuby is a brand that provides a run of child items, including baths. Nuby bath tubs regularly have a built-in situate or sling to keep children secure.

Shnuggle bathtubs:  Another brand known for their imaginative child baths. Shnuggle bath tubs are compact and ergonomically planned to supply babies with the greatest bolster and consolation. 

Toddler bathtub: Toddler bathtubs are larger than baby bathtubs and are designed to accommodate toddlers who have outgrown infant tubs but are still too small for adult-sized bathtubs.

Kids bathtub: Kids bathtubs are suitable for older children who can sit up on their own and don't require as much support during bathing.

What should you consider when buying a bath?

When buying an infant bath, there are a number of components to consider to guarantee that your child is washed securely and comfortably. Here are a few of the most contemplations:

Estimate and age appropriateness: Select a shower tub fitting for your baby's age and size. A few tubs are planned particularly for newborns whereas others are reasonable for more seasoned children. Consider the weight and length of the tub to guarantee your child is comfortable in it.

Security highlights: search for tubs with built-in security highlights. 

Ease of use and cleaning: Pay attention to the ease of use of the tub. Select one that's simple to fill and clean. A detachable liner or deplete plug will make purging the tub more helpful. Moreover, easy-to-clean materials and smooth surfaces are alluring.

Consolation and support: Choose a comfortable bath that gives your infant a satisfactory bolster. Opt for a bath with a moulded or ergonomic plan to keep the child comfortable during washing.

Capacity and versatility: If you're brief on space, seek for a tub that can be compactly put away. 

How to Use the bathtubs?

Using a child bath is exceptionally basic. Here are a few common informational for usage:

Set up the tub: Put the tub in a secure place, such as on a counter, on a steady surface, or in a customary bath. Make sure beyond any doubt that the tub is steady and will not tip over amid utilisation.

Fill the bath with water: Fill the tub with warm water to a secure level. Check the water temperature with a water thermometer. The perfect water temperature for washing your infant is about 37-38°C (98-100°F). Continuously check with your hand or with a thermometer to see if the water is as well hot or cold.

Plan showering supplies: Take child cleanser or body wash, delicate hand towels or washcloths, infant towels and any other supplies you'll require for washing.

Uncover the child: Disrobe the infant totally and remove the diaper until after washing. 

Put the child within the tub: Supporting the baby's head and neck, gently place the infant within the tub. Hold the infant immovably with one hand while the other washes the baby's body.