Mirrors in ebebek

At ebebek, you can find car seats and all the necessary accessories which allow your baby to travel safely with you in the car from the moment they are born. Mirrors are essential accessories you'll need while your baby travels with you.  

Children need to be seated in a rear-facing position in the car, looking toward the back window, until the age of 2 because if they are seated facing forward, serious spinal injuries can occur. Therefore, group 0 and group 0+ car baby seats must be installed to face in the opposite direction of the vehicle.

So, you can choose the appropriate rear view mirror model that best suits your baby's position in the car. You can check our baby view mirrors in the car seat accessories category and find the best option that suits your needs.

Choosing Your Child View Mirror

Your baby car view mirror allows you to keep an eye on your little one while you drive. You can observe your baby's activities with a brief look in the mirror and see whether they are asleep, active, or require your attention. A child view mirror is a must-have, especially when driving alone with your little one. It is designed to offer a clear and unhindered view of your baby as you drive.

If your baby is under two years old and sitting in a rear-facing position in the car, you will need a back seat mirror to attach to the head of your car’s back seat with adjustable straps. The mirror will reflect your baby's view, and you can check on them by looking at your rear-view window, or you can use a child-view mirror attached to your windshield.

If your baby is older than two years and is sitting in a forward-facing position in the car seat, you can use a child view mirror by placing it on your windshield to have a perfect view of your child.

The Clippasafe view mirror and the Clear View car mirror, available at ebebek, are used together to help you comfortably keep an eye on your little one.

Essential for Your and Your Baby’s Safety: Rear View Mirror

A child view mirror is essential for a safe drive with your child. You cannot keep an eye on your child in the back seat without a mirror while you also try to check the traffic. Our rear-view mirrors help you drive with peace of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on your child. Get a baby car mirror for your baby's safety, and do not turn around and endanger yourself and your baby during the journey.

Proper Use Of A Back Seat Mirror

Ensuring the car mirror is properly and securely attached to the rear seat headrest is essential. Please be cautious to prevent it from falling onto your baby due to improper placement. Our child view mirror offers a crisp view of the rear seat, enabling you to monitor your child and understand their activities precisely. It effortlessly adheres to the windshield using a suction cup, ensuring you can stay focused on the road ahead. Baby car seat accessories are waiting for you at ebebek to enhance the comfort and safety of your journeys with your child.