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First Aid Kits

As parents, we try to do our very best for our children’s safety and health. In addition to meeting their nutritional and developmental needs, we should also be aware of their body temperature and breathing, which can tell us so much about their health condition. Keeping the temperature of their nursery or the temperature of their bath water at the ideal level is also very crucial. Accordingly, we may need some helpful products during our daily routines with our baby. As ebebek, we are here to help you find the perfect products in every stage of your parenting journey. You can take a peek at our first aid kits and home safety products categories to find the best match for your baby’s needs.

Room and Bath Thermometers

From the moment your baby is born, bathing them can be a matter of concern. Trying to do your best to keep them safe and warm while trying to keep the water temperature at the ideal level may seem challenging. You don’t need to worry. You can use a bath thermometer to be sure of the level of your baby’s bath water temperature.

A safe bath temperature for babies and children is about 100°F or 37-38°C. To prevent scalds, you can set your home’s water temperature to a maximum of 50°C. The water should always feel warm, not hot. You can check the water with your wrist before bathing your baby, but using a bath thermometer is the safest way to be sure. The bath thermometer will warn you about the heat level.

Your baby’s bedroom temperature is also important for them to have a healthy sleep. It should neither be too hot nor cold so your baby can sleep peacefully. You can opt for a bath and room thermometer suitable for use in water and the nursery to set the best temperature conditions for both bath and bedtime.

Fever Thermometers

A fever alarm thermometer is a must-have for parents. Increased body temperature in children can be a sign of cold, and you can feel it quickly by using these thermometers. Using a fever thermometer is crucial in such situations to determine the accurate body temperature of your child before applying any treatment. A fever thermometer is generally suitable for oral, underarm, and rectal use. You can track your child’s health using a fever thermometer with a memory function available at ebebek.

Nasal Decongester for Stuffy Noses

It is very important to keep babies' noses clean to improve their quality of life and especially the quality of their sleep. You can make it a routine to check your baby's nose hygiene, especially before bedtime.

Baby nasal decongesters, available at ebebek, are very useful and practical products to clean your baby’s nasal congestion when used appropriately and at the right time. They are more effective and healthier than using cotton swabs or handkerchiefs.

You can use your baby’s nasal decongester after bath time as the mucus layer in their nose will soften after bathing. You can simply squeeze the bulb of the nasal decongester and put its soft silicone tip carefully into your baby's tiny nostril. You can then release the bulb to let the air go back in by drawing out the mucus.

Our baby nasal decongester selections can be disassembled for hygienic cleaning.

You can discover first aid kits in our home safety category and find the products that match your needs. Please remember that these are products you may always need while travelling with your baby. Thanks to their organiser cases, you can have them with you wherever you go.