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When your child leaves behind the infancy period, the playful child spirit within them will also emerge, and you will want to accompany them with toys that will support their development in the best way. Hape is a successful brand with ambitious products that bring out the creativity within children. Developmental toys for babies and toddlers, musical toys, the first musical instruments, as well as the first balance bikes are some examples from the wide collection of Hape toys. At ebebek, we aim to offer products that will contribute perfectly to developing your child’s social and physical skills. Discover a world of fun and learning for your little one through our pages. Hape Toys UK is waiting for you to pick up the perfect matches for your child.

Hape Balance Bikes

The Hape balance bike is the best way to encourage your child to ride for the first time. Thanks to safety features like steering limit, it’s fun and safe for your toddler to learn how to develop their sense of direction, balance and coordination. The Hape toddler balance bike is meticulously designed for little hands. With the anti-slip handles, your little one will have control and enjoy their cycling adventures. The kids balance bike is suitable for 18 months and older and comes 95% pre-assembled. You can adjust the bike's seat to suit your child’s arm length for a comfortable ride. You can use the first balance bike indoors or outdoors. It will help improve your little one’s social and physical skills. One of the Hape products available at ebebek is the Hape off road balance bike, which stands out in the kid’s first balance bikes category. Suitable for ages 3-6, it’s a stylish and awesome off-road bike for the adventure enthusiasts. A product with a design almost indistinguishable from those for adults, one your child will adore spending time with and learning to balance on two wheels. As your child rides this mini balance bike, they will enhance their balance and coordination, laying the groundwork for an easier pedal bike transition as they age. The off-road style of this learning bike not only promotes balance but also adds an element of fun to the process.

Arts At The Center of Playtime with Hape Piano

Children possess numerous untapped potentials, one of the most prevalent being musical talent. To enhance this ability, they require proper guidance. Hape piano is here to help them. It has different instrument tones, such as drum, organ and bass, with multiple sound effects. You can assist your child with their musical learning habits by using the instructions, stickers and booklet in the Piano Hape Dj Mix & Spin Studio.

Additionally, the product comes with five distinct background music options for children to dance or listen to. The device's central light changes colours in sync with the music rhythm, adding an appealing visual element for young eyes. The Hape piano helps children develop creativity through different DJ effects and rhythms. It also supports the development of hand-eye coordination, allowing them to discover their capacities. Children will enjoy exploring their creativity thanks to sets like Hape Anywhere Art Studio, Sponge Painting Fun and Nature Exploration Play Cube, which has a xylophone too.

Activities with Hape Doll House

At ebebek, we aim to offer products from high-quality brands that are experts in their fields, perfectly matching your child's developmental needs from their first months. On our website, you can find toys such as the Hape dolls house, Hape fire station, and Hape family pets, all designed to enhance your child’s imagination, creativity, and social skills.