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Hello Home

As your child grows older, their needs will start to diversify. Around the age of 3, they are no longer a baby but a little kid who will have more toys and need new stuff for their activities. Therefore, you may need to add new items to enrich their little world in their bedroom or playroom.

Children want to perform certain tasks on their own and need appropriate items. Using items in our children's bedrooms or any other area of the house that are tailored to their size will contribute to developing their skills and boosting their self-confidence. As you teach your child things like tidying up and being organised, you can make their life easier and more enjoyable by using colourful items suitable for their size. Toy storage boxes or storage units and a childrens sling bookcase are perfect for helping organise your little one’s room. They will love these products and will want to handle tidying tasks themselves. Hello Home offers safe and practical children’s bedroom and playroom products with appealing designs and functionality. You can find various kids’ playroom products at ebebek that provide functionality, comfort, and enjoyment.

Toy Storage Units

Being organised has never been this much fun. Hello Home childrens toy storage boxes and units are designed to accommodate countless toys and games. They consist of six boxes sliding into their dedicated space, making it easy for your little one to access and tidy up their items.

At ebebek, you can find the perfect toy storage unit for your kid with adorable patterns or characters that they would enjoy.

The Hello Home Toy Storage Box offers your child’s room storage functionality, adding charm with its vibrant colours. Your little one will enjoy organising their toys, thanks to the funny and appealing design of their new toy storage unit. You can make a deal with your kid and say goodbye to the clutter.

Hello Home Table and Chair Sets

While engaging in activities like drawing, painting, playing with some desktop toys, and even eating, it is healthiest for children to use a table and chair that are suitable for their size. The Hello Home Table and Chair Set are perfect for such activities and create fun with quality printed graphics. The child-sized table and chairs are specifically designed for little ones, ensuring their comfort while engaging in various activities.

You can boost your kid’s motivation to play, work and be creative with a kids table and chair set that will harmonise with the colours of their bedroom or playroom.

Kids Sofa and Sling Bookcase

Hello Home goes beyond considering the comfort of our children. The kids’ sofa and lounger, which you can find on our website, is dedicated to little ones’ lounge times. Very compact and inflatable, it can be easily moved around the house or taken on your trips as well. You can deflate and fold it for storage and transport. Its appealing design with patterns and characters will make it one of the favourite items in your child’s bedroom. Your little kid can quickly transform into a bookworm, thanks to the sling bookcase that will encourage them to organise their library from now on. Featuring their favourite characters, this product will help them store their books of all shapes thanks to four fabric sling shelves. You can browse our website to find solutions for all the needs of your child's room. We offer the best products made from high-quality fabrics and designs, ensuring your child's safety, comfort, and enjoyment.