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It is essential for your baby's physical, communicational and cognitive development to include age-appropriate toys in their life from the moment they are born. Babies need toys starting from the first month of age. As babies listen to and produce sounds, they gain an understanding of their surroundings. Whether it’s the voice of their parents, the sounds of their surroundings, or the noise from a cot mobile or a rattle, interacting with these sounds aids in the development of their concentration and imagination. You may wonder when to introduce musical toys to your baby. While activity mats, teethers, rattles, and soft toys with gentle sounds can be introduced from the first month, musical instrument toys for babies, like baby drums and baby rings, are more suitable for babies from 3 to 6 months old. At ebebek, you can find high-quality baby toys ideal for all ages. You can examine Halilit toys to support and strengthen your baby’s relationship with sound and music.

Interactive Baby Toys

Musical toys help improve concentration and boost your child's imagination, social skills, and creativity. They enhance gross and fine motor skills as your little one tries to make sounds by shaking, tapping or pressing the toys. Babies start reacting to the sounds from the very first months and begin to imitate sounds at approximately 4-6 months of age. Encouraging your child to play with toys that introduce them to different sounds and enhance their motor skills is beneficial for their development. You can diversify their toys as they age to develop their abilities further. Shaker toys for babies and jingles and rolls are suitable for 1-2 months of age. Baby interactive toys like baby drums, bongos and tambourines are suitable for 6 months and older babies. The Halilit Baby Tambourine toy helps develop your baby’s creativity and motor skills while keeping little fingers safe, thanks to its unique design. You can also find sets of musical toys from Halilit, including various interactive baby toys, at ebebek.

Safe and Healthy Baby Toys With Halilit

Before buying a toy for your child, it would be good to consider how much it will contribute to their development and ensure that it is safe and healthy. It would be good to prefer toys made from high-quality, baby-safe materials that do not contain harmful chemicals. Light yet durable, BPA, lead and phthalate-free toys of Halilit ensure your child’s safety during playtime. Even though your baby will be under your supervision while playing with their toys, we recommend ensuring that toys that can break into pieces, are made of hard plastic, or may have substantial weight are not easily accessible.

Unleash Your Baby’s Creativity With Musical Toys

Every child tries to explore and make sense of the external world from the day they are born. Starting from 6-9 months, they realise they are separate individuals, and their communication with the outside world changes. They start touching, grabbing and grasping everything they can. Introducing musical instrument toys to your baby at this stage is important as they will enjoy making sounds by themselves and experiencing cause and effect. Toys with clear, beautiful sounds that won't irritate your baby and bright colours help them explore their senses. Repeatedly playing musical jingles aids in memorising sounds and words, encouraging them to create their own sounds and words. The high-quality, baby-safe products from Halilit are available at ebebek. You can immediately explore a wide range of musical toys for babies to introduce to your little one.